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6oz Eco-Spray Outdoor Protectant Spray

6oz Eco-Spray Outdoor Protectant Spray

Product Description

Cactus Juice!  The Refreshingly Natural Alternative to Chemical Sprays

We DO not claim to be the BEST BITING FLY REPELLENT in existence!

We DO not claim to put CHIGGERS in their place.

We DO not claim to do anything against SAND FLEAS or NO-SEE-UMS.

We DO not claim to be an amazing GNAT SPRAY..

But We DO claim to smell amazing and no-one can stop us from saying that :)

Cactus extract is a natural, broad-band skin protectant and moisturizer that has been used for centuries against some of natures most annoying and painful assaults!!  

Just think:  Does anything bug a Cactus?

Try this Refreshingly Natural Alternative to Chemical Sprays RISK FREE.

Main Ingredients:  Wild Harvested Cactus Extract & Essential Oils

Especially perfect for beach goers in NJ who don't love wildly slapping their body or running for cover every time the wind changes!

It's safe for children, safe for animals, safe for everyday use and safe for the reef!

Give it a try, if you are not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund.  

Bigger sizes available for Livestock.

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  1. Deserves a great recommendation! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Aug 4th 2019)

    My neighbor told me about this product and that it repels mosquitos and biting flies. She was right.
    I love the sheer feel of it and the fragrance it light and reminds me of pears. Good product!!

  2. Cactus Juice...a phenomenal product 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Jul 25th 2019)

    I have used Cactus Juice for 2 decades now. Initially I used it when I was fishing in the back bays of New Jersey. Kept ALL bugs away...even on days when there was not a whisper of a breeze. Now I use while tending to my garden in the thick, humid days of Summer. Has NEVER disappointed me.

  3. Works!! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Jul 10th 2019)

    When I use this, bugs stay away! I have to reapply after a few hours but it’s worth it knowing that it’s not harmful to me. Thanks for making this.

  4. A natural product that works 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Jul 1st 2019)

    I have been using this product for a couple of years now and it truly works. We sometimes get green flies on our beach, which can ruin your day. Cactus juice keeps them away!

  5. Keeps the mosquitoes away! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Jun 14th 2019)

    I've only had this product for about a week, but I love it! Just a tiny spritz on exposed skin will keep the mosquitoes away all evening. I can enjoy being outdoors again! Plus it smells nice. And I no longer feel like I have to run for the shower to wash the chemicals off as soon as I go indoors, like I did with other sprays.

  6. Works on Yellow Flies! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Jun 6th 2019)

    I am extremely allergic to yellow fly bites. I swell the size of a grapefruit where the bite is located, my joints nearby it swell, I become physically sick and the swelling lasts for weeks. Where I am in Florida seems to have 2 bad seasons for them, one in late spring/ early summer and again in the fall. I had visited a local mosquito control bus that they use to educate students and talked to them about my allergy. She suggested Cactus Juice.
    She said it was the only thing she had ever found to repel yellow flies. I ordered it figuring I had nothing to lose if it didn't work. The first few times I used it I was skeptical, but so far so good! I have been using Cactus Juice for 5 years now. And NO BITES with the product on. I reccomend it to everyone who ever complains about yellow flies. Thank you Cactus Juice!

  7. Works! 4 Star Review

    (Submitted on May 24th 2019)

    This stuff works! My husband usually gets bit up bad by the sand flies in Roatan and this time he only had 3 bites! Between the Eco lotion and the spray we were covered for the entire week. Thank you! I would give it 5 stars but agree with a prior reviewer, the sprayer is a little wonky. But I just held it closer to the skin, sprayed it along an area then rubbed it in with my hands and it worked just fine. Otherwise it pretty much misses you.

  8. great gnat sprey 4 Star Review

    (Submitted on Mar 25th 2019)

    I would have given 5 stars if the pump sprayer worked better. Very un even. The biteing gnats are bad in Texas this stuff works great. Non greasy and doesn’t sting if any accidentally gets in your eyes. I love the stuff

  9. We love cactus juice as a bug spray. 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Mar 14th 2019)

    It smells good and works good! We have been using it for years now and it is the only bug spray that I will buy. I feel like it is safe for my babies skin and for mine.

  10. Best ever against all insects 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Sep 11th 2018)

    Love the odor, no harmful additives,, works great!!! I buy them at least 3 at a time. I usually end up giving some of them to friends. I keep on in my truck and one by the garage door. Don't leave home without it. I also carry one in my go bag so I am never without one. I hate bug bites especially mosquitoes .

  11. No Bites 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Sep 6th 2018)

    Just bought 3 more bottles of Cactus Juice. We live in PA and have had a very rainy summer so the mosquito are a real problem. My husband used the Cactus Juice while splitting wood all day. He did re-apply a few times since it was 90+ outside. When he finally came in after 5 pm he had NO mosquito bites. In fact, he said no bugs at all, knat's, mosquito's, fly's, bugs all left him alone.
    Works great when you are going for walks, just spritz your self (and hair) and go. No Bugs
    We have taken Cactus Juice with us to Mexico in the past and it works great there also.
    We keep a bottle in each vehicle just in case we need while we are out.
    And it doesn't smell like BUG SPRAY!!! It has a Citrus sent to it, we like it.
    Love this product!!

  12. Works on keeping knats away 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Jun 27th 2018)

    Knats are such pesky pests - flying around my face and ears while playing tennis. This product can be sprayed on my face, ears and hair and does a great job keeping them away.

  13. Kept the bugs from biting 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on May 30th 2018)

    I used this spray for the first time on my last trip to Roatan. I was told the sand fleas and bugs were bad but after using the Eco Spray I had no problems with fleas or bugs. They stayed away. It was nice not having to use a product that contained DEET. I have restocked my suitcase with more of this for my trip to Curacao this summer.

  14. So happy with Catus juice. 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Jan 8th 2018)

    I got the Cactus juice to use on my holiday in Hawaii. I am allergic to sand fleas and could not walk on the beach without swelling . I sprayed myself with Cactus juice in the morning and a few more time after 5.00pm. I never got bit . Now i can relax without been worried to have allergic reaction and enjoy walking on beach. Thak you Cactus juice. This for me is a miracle product.

  15. It works.. 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Sep 29th 2017)

    My daughter introduced us to this product. She and her husband fishes a lot in Florida and Tennessee. Nothing really helped until a pharacist suggested Cactus Juice. Especially with all the bugs around, she had bits all over her body (no-see bug bites and flies bites). Thank you for a great product, a little expensive but good.

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