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Livestock & Equine Spray 5 Gallons


If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a Fly Repellent.

For legal reasons we are not able to make repellent claims about this product because it contains natural ingredients (like Cactus Extract) which have not been classified by the government.

According to EPA regulations it does not matter how well something works, if all the ingredients of a product are not classified, then they cannot be called a repellent until you go through a very long and expensive process. 

That is why our product is called a "protectant".  It cannot legally be called a repellent. (And we would never dream of breaking any laws) 

This product may protect your outdoor animals for days and does not have harmful ingredients! 

Use it in the Barn or out in the field!  Water Resistant!

Cactus Juice does not claim to be the best fly repellent in existence!  

We only claim to smell amazing and be free of harmful neurotoxic chemicals!

Find out why West Texas Cattle Ranchers say its the best value they have seen!

Available in 5 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, and Quart Sizes!

**This product is very similar to Outdoor Protectant Spray made for humans but it is NOT exactly the same as it is more oily.

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