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What happened to Cactus Juice?  As my Dad tells people "Big Pharma trademarked the name "repellent" and used it to shut us down"  That's not too far from the truth. 

The pioneers of Cactus Juice found that their Cactus Extract when combined with a few other ingredients was AMAZINGLY effective against all sorts of "annoyances"  And they had a choice:  slowly build their profits and pay the EPA the million dollars it takes for the right to be called a "repellent"


Do a nationwide rollout, blatantly call them repellents and HOPE that they made enough money to get their EPA registration in order before anyone realized.

What did they choose? 

The Nationwide Rollout. 

And it almost worked, but when things were really getting going and the money was really rolling in the EPA came knocking, and when they realized they had not completed all the steps for the right to be called a repellent, they filed a stop sale on all their products.   All major retailers who were carrying Cactus Juice had to stop selling them and send them back! it was a DISASTER.  They tried to change the label and keep their customers, but it created such confusion in the marketplace that they never recovered.