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Some of our products contain parabens at this moment, this will change in the very near future.

Our formulas are old and all of the natural alternatives that we have tried DO NOT WORK!

Phenoxyethanol does work but based on our research it is WORSE than parabens as it is a NEUROTOXIN!

We know that any amount of parabens is a deal breaker for some but consider this: they are ONE PERCENT of the formula and they are NOT NEUROTOXIC!

This is WAAAY BETTER than some people who load 20% Neurotoxin like DEET into their products.

We are working to remove this one percent hormone disruptor (parabens) around the clock, and I think we are getting close!

You will notice that almost all the other ingredients are FOOD GRADE. We really care about customers and we would never offer anything for sale that we would not put on our own children!