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Discover the Wild Harvested Difference

What's the Big Deal?

Our Cactus is NOT grown in nice little rows under the supervision of a government agency. It grows out in the desert with the rattlesnakes and coyotes, soaking up those rarified nutrients that one cannot get from farmed plants. That’s one reason why our products are so effective.

Outdoor Protectant

What People are Saying

Skin Soothing Products

We use the same extraction methods the Native Americans have used for centuries to unlock the amazing healing properties of these plants. Whether it is a rash.

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Outdoor Protectant Products

Some of our Wild Harvested Cactus Products have the surprising ability to protect your skin some of natures most annoying assaults.

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Disinfectant Products

Take the harsh edge off those disinfectants with wild harvested Cactus! They go on smooth and do not leave a sticky residue. Try our Spray which includes 20% Cactus Extract.

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Livestock And Equine Products

Don’t forget about our four legged friends! Find out why West Texas Cattle Ranchers Say it is the best they have ever seen! Lasts for up to 10 days AND can even help with itching!

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